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I'm Giving Away 5 Free Sessions in May

Go ahead and listen to this helpful video. If you feel the need to scroll through, no problem. Just refer to the talking points below to find a certain spot! Although, the whole thing in it's entirety is beneficial.

Talking Points through the video:
Start to 0:50 : Welcome, and who Cassie is!

0:50-2:31 : What is boudoir, and what the Cheeks Boudoir brand represents.

2:32-4:06 : Who I'm looking to capture, and why you deserve this.

4:07-6:17 : Why I do this and why I offer this.

6:18-8:44 : Hair and Makeup (you can do your own or you can get Jiya do it!)

8:45- 9:19 :  Drinks, music, and have fun!

9:20-9:42 : Picking your favorite images!

9:43-End : No coincidences, it's your time. Follow the instructions below:

To get to the next step, there are two options:

1. Simply fill out this form by clicking the button below. It's quick and easy.

2. Or you can simply text the word "boudoir" to Cassie's direct line at 647-391-3824 and she'll set you up via text! Also quick and easy!

Can't wait to meet you beautiful!

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